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Champagne Afternoon

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In a tiny room she barely stirred at all
The wind was a banshee
It helped her recall
A time of tempests raging inside and outside of the door

Nicotine, marabou, violin, satin shoes
Recipe for a champagne afternoon

Candlelight in the day
Out went the lights and off went the negligee
Luminous glistening of two bodies, two bodies lost in play

It’s been forever since her body was her own
And days revolved around a whisper and a moan
The years they go so fast, the hours go so slow
How future turned to past she’ll never, never know

In a tiny room she wrapped a robe around her tight
Can’t remember what she did the other night
Her hands are trembling and her vision’s hazy quite
Like a champagne afternoon
Like a champagne afternoon
Just like a champagne afternoon